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Holly Yeatman

Avondale, PA, 19311
United States


Cedarwood Farms

We breed German Shepherds, sell special dog supplies like beds and leashes, collars and custom German Shepherd T Shirts as well as selling Shiitake Mushroom Log kits by mail order and offer mushroom art.

Your New Pup

German Shepherd Puppies Avondale Pa Cedarwood Mushrooms Cedarwood Farms German Shepherd T Shirts Shiitake Mushroom Kit Oyster Mushroom Kit


The day you take home your new puppy you will receive your Puppy Packet and it will include:

1.   AKC registration application

2.  Health Certificate & health records

3.  Care & Tips Sheet

4.  Puppy Basics to begin training

5.  NuVet Plus samples and brochure

6.  A small bag of current food


Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream Canine® Formula with Smoked Salmon

     It has a 25% Protein and 15% Fat content.  

    •  K9 Strain® Probiotics
    •  Prebiotic Fiber
    •  Smoked & Real Salmon
    •  Omega Fatty Acid Blend
    •  Antioxidants
    •  Potato Fiber

    Current morning and evening feeding consists of about 2 cups of kibble with hot water or dry.



    Continue feeding your puppy the food that you have taken home with you.  If you choose to feed your puppy a different food, do so over a few days time slowly introducing new food into diet, and follow the feeding directions on the dog food bag.

    ***With a large breed puppy, I recommend using a food with around 24% protein and 12% fat content.  The puppy foods have a higher protein and fat content that a growing GSD does not need.  To prevent issues of faster growth; we want our puppy to grow as slowly as possible, putting less stress on their bones.***

    For years, I have not recommended any brand with grains, soy or wheat.  In my experience, German Shepherds do not tolerate these ingredients.  They may tend to have loose stools, diarrhea or gas not to mention that grains aren’t good for any dog or cat.  Check the bag ingredients before buying the food, and I do recommend the higher quality food.  The positive about these feeds is that the dog will require less feeding and will produce less stools.  I also like some of the canned dog foods, but there are only a few that have the good ingredients!  

    Always read the labels!