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Holly Yeatman

Avondale, PA, 19311
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Cedarwood Mushrooms

Shiitake Mushroom Log kits by mail order and offer mushroom art.

German Shepherds

Sadly as of June 2018, I am retired from breeding!  My last female is retired and my male is for sale.

This is how I began to love this breed!!
When I was 10 my mother bought a 2yr old White GSD for protection
because our house was broken into 3 times.  "Sheba" was already trained
and became a wonderful part of our family.  She loved to take rocks out of
the stream.  I would spend hours down there with her.
I didn't have another Shepherd until I bought my own house at age 28.  I got
"Max".  He was the love of my life and I lost him on Valentines Day, he was
only 5 yrs old when he ran out in front of a car, and died instantly.  I still
miss him and was looking for that same connection in a new dog. It took 10
years but finally found

Always having animals (usually strays) and being an animal lover has brought me to this fork in the
road and my new hobby.  Thanks to a friend and breeder of 40 some
years, the late Georgianna Hornberger, I had my first litter in the laundry room in
2003.   The breeding program grew into 4 to 5 dogs of German Working
Dog decent, thanks to the help from Lisa Moscardini of Dawnfield Farm in NH, now a great friend!   

Breeding is wonderful, I love the puppies and I love meeting and keeping in
touch with the families that they go to.  The joy that people get from a new
family member is irreplaceable.

It is wonderful meeting so many nice animal lovers!!